BLACK CREEK PRODUCTIONS is located in Gadsden, Alabama. This area, in the northeast corner of the state, is well suited for filmmaking due to geographic location, mild climate, and low production overhead. We are registered with the Alabama Film Commission and are working with them to promote northeast Alabama as a prime film production location.

Our key personnel have ties to local government, business, industry and military leaders. Public relations assistance, media liaison and logistics support are available to clients.

We offer office space on a full time, temporary or “as needed” basis. Large and small conference rooms with electronic media assets are available. Security and medical assets can be contracted.

Period civilian and military vehicles, railroad assets and set locations can be obtained on an as-needed basis. We have remote controlled aircraft capable of aerial photography available. These aircraft open up a whole new realm of photography options to established production companies and novice film makers.

One of our 1,500,000 square foot properties, a former steel mill, has buildings dating from the early 1900’s to the present for background scenes. The huge open spaces and monolithic buildings lend themselves to all genres of films. The facility has controlled access points which allows uninterrupted filming and enhances client security and privacy. The former Human Resources complex has office space, conference rooms, and a medical suite that would be ideal for filming hospital scenes.

BLACK CREEK PRODUCTIONS maintains an extensive data base of rental assets, construction contractors, caterers, extra cast members, film making technicians and filming locations.

We have partnered with Longleaf Studios, a non-profit organization co-located with Jacksonville State University. Longleaf can provide sound stages and a green screen for clients that need them.

We are a member of Yellowhammer Filmmakers, an independent film organization of actors, directors, producers, hairdressers, photographers, artists, talent agents, coaches and crew members.

We can facilitate access to scenic filming locations such as Noccalula Falls, Desoto Falls, Cherokee Rock Village, Mount Cheaha State Park, Little River Canyon and other sites in the region. Specific background environments such as Fort McClellan military base property, mothballed school properties with one stadium site, several cave attractions and small airports are available. Talladega Superspeedway is close and has been featured in several films. In addition we have farm locations with large and small animal extras.

Northeast Alabama Regional Airport is located four miles from our location and can accommodate and service large cargo planes. For our customers that elect to fly in, we can meet aircraft/shuttle personnel and equipment, to and from our location.







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